Legal service contactless.
Anytime, anywhere.

Legisly is a young Hungarian startup that digitizes legal services.


from the comfort of your home or office completely online


no printing, scanning, travel contactless completely online


no printing, scanning, travel contactless completely online


Do they owe you? We submit the payment order without contact your request for

Fix-price service

Quick, 'out of the box' online services for a fair price.

Online legal consultation

Let's consult with a lawyer from your living room or office. Even immediately,

Customization of template documents

Quick, cheap solutions for general life situations,

of document

Have You received a mail from a business partner, Court, or authority? We check it out!

Why is different?


* A weboldalon keresztül elérhető jogi ügykezelő platformon nyújtott jogi szolgáltatásokat a Legisly Solutions Kft.-vel együttműködő Giró Szász és Társai Ügyvédi Iroda (székhely: 1126 Budapest, Kiss János altábornagy utca 23. I/1.; kamarai nyilvántartási szám: 240; a továbbiakban: Ügyvédi Iroda) nyújta. Az Ügyvédi Iroda platformszolgáltatás keretében a korszerű jogi szolgáltatás technikai feltételeit veszi igénybe a Legisly Solutions Kft-től, amely platformszolgáltató jogi szolgáltatást nem nyújt.

Why Legisly?

We believe at Legisly that legal services must be raised into the 21st Century.

Online contact

Legisly interconnects with such an expert lawyer, with whom You may communicate online without needing to download any app.

No surprises

You always know the price of the service used by You in advance, and You pay directly to the law office, even using your credit/debit card.

Everything in one place

Ad-hoc legal consultation. Quick contract drafting based on our templates. Permanent assignment. Legislyfeed.

Customization of template documents

Has it also happend with You, that You concluded a tenancy agreement or labour contract by relying on an online template? It often seems to be a simple solution to download a template, but later it might cause trouble if they are not properly customized. You can avoid many problems, disputes, and costs for some thousands Forint.

Obviously You won’t contact a lawyer with two or three simple questions… We figured out the customization of template contract, to give You a perfect contract with relatively minimal expense.

Would You incorporate a company? Would You dismiss someone, but You are unsure whether is it legitimate? Do You need a quick labour contract? We have collected the ‘box’ services mostly affecting the companies, in our fix-rate products. These are provided quickly, for a fair price by our lawyer partners.

Our 'out of box' fix-price services

Online legal consultation - for companies and individuals

Our lawyer visits You in your living room, office, at the subway, during waiting or holiday. Via video, Anyhwere, from anywhere. You may have a longer or a single question, using this service, You can be sure that we provide targeted and professional answer, since we assess your question in advance, then interconnect with our appropriate expert colleagues.
We collect and process the most interesting issues in videos or blogs. For instance: what to take attention when you lease out your flat and how can You guarantee that your tenant will leave the flat? What to do if You would contest the condominium statement or replace the joint representative? What to take attention on as a small taxpayer (KATA)? May I terminate without notice? However, the list is almost infinite…

Knowledge base

Would You like us to process a legal matter affecting You in a plain language?

Legisly is such an online content provider, which always thinks with the client’s mind.